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Zuki Prompt Post
Credit to yukinoomoni for the meme rules:

I need to decompress a little after pumping out my Mini-Bang fic. So it's time for a fanfic meme...


* Each person can have one-three prompts. I may only pick one out of three given, or do all three. It depends on how they strike me.
* The prompts can range from one word to a whole situation.
* It has to be Suki/Zuko related. What's the point otherwise? Time, place, or situation is all up to you.
* Pretty much anything goes, but if it doesn't, I'll let you know and you can prompt something else.

This post will have five slots, with 3/5 filled. Each prompt will be written in the comments. Once the post is finished, there will be a complete list of each filled prompt in an upcoming post.

Go nuts. 
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Firebender Suki [1/1]

To her back, the Avatar sits blissfully unaware of the inferno raging around him. Nothing is sacred anymore in the Spirit Oasis; grass and branch alike are burning. A pillar of smoke rises high overhead. Suki can barely breathe in the hot, wretched air. At least Katara was knocked flat; less chance of suffocating before she woke up.

"You little peasant," Zuko sneers. "You TRAITOR!"

He punches forward and the world explodes. Suki's own fire breaks the strike -- mostly. The awful heat still sizzles the sweat off her face and leaves her soot-stained parka smoldering.

It's easy to draw on her own memory for vital anger: uniform being torn off her, the ineffable sensation of falling falling falling falling, the bone-deep jarring blow from hitting the bay waters...

Suki still has kyoshijutsu in her blood, despite everything. She draws on it now. Her right arm swings out, like she's slicing open an enemy's chest with the edge of her tessen, only her hand holds wildfire. The flame lashes out at Zuko's knees.

He diffuses it with a swift defensive kick.

He's looking at her now. Only her. The Avatar might be lost a thousand miles away instead of in the smoke. The only things left in his golden eyes are rage and hurt.

"When your own people tried to feed you to a sea serpent, I rescued you! Trained you! I was your friend! And you repay me by teaching the Avatar?!"

Suki realizes three things:

Zuko wants to kill her.

Zuko is probably going to kill her...

...and she feels fine about that.

Suki just needs to hold him off for a little while longer. Yue is bringing reinforcements. Someone will come to rescue Aang. Someone once came for her, after all.

"I know," she chokes out. "I'm sorry."

Her firebending sifu stares back at her. Finally he asks, "Why?"

"I guess... because I never changed."

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