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Genderswap Prompt Post
I'm experiencing a bit of writer's block on my current trio of projects, so I could use something to get the juices flowing again. So it's time for a fanfic meme...


* Each person can have one-three prompts. I may only pick one out of three given, or do all three. It depends on how they strike me.
* The prompts can range from one word to a whole situation.
* It has to be
genderswap related. What's the point otherwise? Time, place, or situation is all up to you.
* Pretty much anything goes, but if it doesn't, I'll let you know and you can prompt something else.

This post will have ten requester slots, with 9/10 filled. Each prompt will be written in the comments. Once the post is finished, there will be a complete list of each filled prompt in an upcoming post.

Go nuts. 


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1. Canon couples -brief snippets in their shared lives - how would things be the same/different?

2. Girl!Zuko/Mai, your take on it - any time during or after canon.

3. More Aanjing! Life as a nun, dealing with Sokka (would he be a horndog or treat her like a sister?).

Rule 63'd Canon Couples [1/3]

[Kataanjing] [Katatui/Aanjing]

"No. I'm the one who's sorry, Aangjing. You didn't do anything wrong. I... I shouldn't be the one teaching you."


"It's true! It took me hours to get the hang of that snow pillar kata and you got it on the first try." Staring down at his boots, the waterbender clenched his gloved fists. Though Katatui restrained his anger to a low growl, a nearby ice vase exploded in sympathy. "Master Pakku is so stupid! He won't instruct you just because you're not a boy? Like letting me repeat my lessons to you is a 'fair compromise'! How is it fair when you're being trained by someone who doesn't know what he's doing? Who can't answer your questions?"

The Avatar rubbed her bald forehead, wishing to head off another of her hot-blooded friend's rants. "It's fine, Katatui. Really."

"IT'S NOT FINE! Doesn't it make you mad? You're the Avatar but everyone here is treating you like you're some problem child that no one wants to take responsibility for."

"What do you want me to do? Fight Master Pakku and make him teach me?"

"If that's what it takes? YES!"

"I don't think that's such a great idea."

"Why not?" Katatui asked. "You've fought evil princes and volcanos, what's one sad old man?"

"Well..." Aanjing hesitated. It was really boring killing her time wandering the ice city, waiting for all five minutes of her evening lesson with Katatui once he finished his daily lesson. "You think I could take him?"

"Believe it!" Katatui puffed out his chest. "And if you can't believe in yourself, believe in me who believes in you!"

[Sunno] [Sonna/Suko]

After it was all over, Sonna didn't have a home to go back to. Her first visit to the South Pole had been unbearable. Even the modest snow city of her childhood was nothing compared to the dazzling ice city Pakku's relief mission had constructed. The people that filled it were... off-putting. The Northerners were jerkfaces, that was no big surprise, but when her father's men had come back it hadn't gotten much better. Nobody seemed to know what to make of peacetime or of plentiful waterbenders being around, so everyone tried to cling to the old chores and tasks until they made something of the new opportunities. After fighting off an airship armada with Toph and foam-prone Kyoshi Warrior, washing dirty socks didn't rank high on the list of Sonna's priorities. Home seemed small now, and not very homey.

And however much she tried to be happy for Gran-Gran, Sonna couldn't. It started to seem that Sonna's life was going to play out the same way: running across the world to find happiness, only for the past to snatch you back up.

So Sonna left on the first sky-bison out of town.

She lied to pretty much everyone at first, calling it a training mission. And, yeah, she did spend the first few months alone at Master Piandao's estate -- her Gran-Pakku's half-joking comment about needing an chaperon aside -- but that was only the first step. Sonna didn't know what she wanted. She still couldn't think of herself as a warrior (those were men, a voice nagged at her) but there wasn't a whole lot of opportunities for female non-benders. Between fighting lessons, Master Piandao had tutored her in calligraphy and literature.

It was nice, being in a place that didn't second-guess her choices, but in a few months she got restless. Sonna missed snow and ice, and the eternal greenery of the Fire Nation was kinda unnerving.

Kyoshi Island came next. She was friends with the Kyoshi Warriors and Ty Lee, and maybe being among like-minded women would help with her listlessness. Aang was too busy with treaty negotiations to spare his old pal a ride, and the Earth Kingdom had understandable issues about letting war balloons into their airspace, so Sonna ended up hopping ships along the Earth Kingdom coast. For the final leg of her journey, she ended up haggling with a young, red-haired Kyoshi fisherman about letting her catch a ride on his family boat. Sonna was forced to agree to help him net some elephant koi on the trip back to the island, but that wasn't so bad. She'd been hunting and fishing for years.

Besides, Suko had such nice blue eyes.

Re: Rule 63'd Canon Couples [1/3]

Aw man, even as a guy, Katara is still the same. And poor Aanjing, lol.

Aw, Sonna ;.;. I can totally see this happening, especially the part about not seeing herself a a warrior despite all that she has done - it's that cultural conditioning at it again.

Re: Rule 63'd Canon Couples [1/3]

Katara is strangely fun to write as a guy. He's a hot-blooded Shōnen hero stuck in a world where the womenfolk honestly don't need him to save them.

I tool around with my Sonna stories now and again, but I've never been able to think of her as a warrior like canon Sokka. I think she's talented with fighting but there's too much cultural baggage to become a straight-up fighter. She'll probably end up as an academic/inventor type who hunts and fishes in her free time.

Rule 63'd Canon Couples [2/3]

[Maoua] [Mao/Zuan]

Zuan tried not to fidget in her formal silk dress and heavy paints. She was only ever really comfortable in armor, feeling nude without its tightness and solid weight, but tradition dictated royalty dressed in a specific manner for betrothal interviews.

She absentmindedly scratched at her scalp, irritated by pollen from the fire lilies woven into hair, but froze when Father sent her a sharp look.

Inwardly, Zuan railed against the unfairness of it all. She'd barely been back in the Fire Nation a month and already her father was looking to marry her off to the most politically advantageous candidate. It was true that people of her station didn't have the advantage of love matches but there was something so mercenary about this auctioning-off process. The only time she really got to know her suitors as people was in their five minute scripted walk through the royal gardens, and even then Li and Lo had stressed that she should try to trip them up with politically tricky questions to see if there really was a brain behind all the handsome faces she met.

At least Father had sent off Azula, Ty Lee, and Chin Tao to Ember Island for the weekend. Zuan could just imagine the colorful jibes her younger sister would make at her current appearance.

Just you wait, the crown princess thought. In a little while, it'll be YOU being married off to some cabinet minister's idiot son, Azula.

Such was the depth of Zuan's inward musings that she blanked out on the introductions to the latest candidate, only to snap awake at the tail end of the announcement, "...governor of Omashu, and his son Mao."

While his father made empty conversation over the ongoing industrialization of Omashu and the minor but vital Mao was playing in overseeing his own factory, Zuan studied her would-be suitor. She could almost imagine that sitting across from her was the most lifelike mannequin she had ever seen. It was two heads taller than her, with long, shiny black hair that contrasted sharply with its ivory skin. Whoever had designed the thing had paid the utmost attention to even the smallest detail. It really was quite impressive.

Oh, and if you stared it long enough, you might notice the mannequin could mime breathing shallowly. That was a neat trick. Maybe it could blink too.

(Mao never did for as long as she watched him that day.)

Zuan had gone through enough of these meetings so far that weekend to sleepwalk through the questions she was supposed to ask Governor What's-His-Name about his son and his family history. Eventually it came time for her and Mao to take their walk.

As with her other suitors, Zuan disregarded everyone's advice and walked with the boy to her left. Despite the insistence of some of her fashion advisors, Zuan left her scar bare. Covering it up with flesh-toned paint would only make her look like a fool. How her suitors reacted to the sight of it helped screen out which of them were the fools. Most boys weren't willing to look a scarred girl in the face, often fixating on a point over her shoulder when they sat across from each other at the table. During their walks, a few had even maneuvered themselves around to her right. It was disheartening and maddening at the same time, but Zuan hadn't been surprised. At least they didn't get handsy with her like the customers at uncle's teashop, who'd gotten it into their heads that she was a loose woman deserving no respect because she had 'obviously' been defiled and burnt by a Fire Nation soldier.

Mao had unflinchingly looked her in the eye, so at least he had that going for him.

Actually, it was all he had going for him. Whatever questions she asked him were invariable answered in a flat, colorless tone:

"I guess."



Irritated with his taciturn manner on top of a day and a half of these pointless candidate interviews -- (which were, ancestors and spirits preserve her, only the first step in what could easily be a multi-year process!) -- Zuan finally snapped, "I bet you can't say more than two words at once."

"You win."

Re: Rule 63'd Canon Couples [2/3]

I totally lol'ed at the end. I love your subtle looks into the past, with Zuan dealing with the males in her journey and the idiocy of would-be suitors dealing with her scar (and the scar! Yay you kept it. Zuko isn't Zuko in any form without it).

One thing - who's Chin Tao?

Re: Rule 63'd Canon Couples [2/3]

Chin Tao is an OC from a TyZula story I wrote recently called "Not As Hard As You". She's basically my go-to alt!Dangerous Lady, a combat acupuncturist with Doctor McCoy's acerbic personality that Azula picks up if Mai or Ty Lee doesn't attend school with her when they're children.

Rule 63'd Canon Couples [3/3]

The flower in her right ear wilted from a sudden heat-wave. Feeling stupid again for being dressed like a moron, Zuan said, "It's obvious you don't want to be here any more than I do, so why you'd waste my time by coming?"

"Ordered to."

"By who? Your parents?"

He nodded.

"So you do everything your parents tell you? Don't you have the balls -- " the word slipped out in an instant, too late to catch it, and Princess Zuan knew the chaperons hovering at the garden's edge would relay that breach of decorum to her father " -- to make your own decisions?"

"I don't." They were standing amid green splendor, with baby turtle-ducks babbling in a nearby pond and buttermoths ghosting along on the summer's breeze. Mao reached out and laid a finger on her scar. Zuan reflexively jerked back but his finger stuck to its target, tracing its outline. "You don't."

Zuan's heart was drumming against the inside walls of her ribcage. She slapped his hand away, face flushing with several shades of outrage. Asshole! "I hunted down the Avatar and helped conquer Ba Sing Se because I *chose* to. I could have given up but I didn't. Is there anything you can do besides act like a smug, self-satisfied stoic?"

Mao made a show of considering that question by curling a finger under his strong chin. Finally, he said, "I can actually throw knives pretty well."


"See that big apple way up there?" Zuan has too much battlefield experience to blindly follow his finger towards the spot it was pointing, so she kept watching Mao himself as a small knife slid out of his sleeve and fell into his palm. The air around Zuan's fists churned with invisible heat, ready to ignite instantly for self-defense, but, instead of her, Mao's knife struck out at the offending fruit tree.

A golden, knife-stuck apple fell to the freshly cut grass. Mao walked over and picked it up. He carved the soft flesh into quarters, then popped one into his mouth to chew.

Zuan stared back at him.

"If you want some," he said lethargically between bites, "you'll have to get your own apple."

Zuan wordlessly reached up and pulled something out of the nest that was her hair. Loose raven locks and lilies tumbled down onto her shoulders. Zuan's right hand lashed out.

Her concealed knife twanged audibly as it buried itself into the innocent tree. A newly harvested apple fell and bonked Mao on the head, rolling to a stop in the grass. Mao had stopped chewing. He stared at the apple, then looked back at her. Zuan couldn't help but smirk at the faint surprise coloring his features. A little emotion looked good on him.

After a few moments, she blushed with self-conciousness. "I'm, uh, not... the best... firebender. So I, um, train with knives. I'm not strong enough to be a sword-fighter so... yeah..."

The buzz of insects filled the void.

"I - I was bored," Mao confessed. "Royal Academy for Boys. Not much to do there."


He nodded.

Someone cleared their throat. Zuan and Mao both turned to find one of the royal household's servants standing there, bowing deeply. "Princess, his majesty wishes to remind you that your five minutes up. The next interview will begin shortly."

With that, the bowing servant backed away.

Zuan looked to Mao and was disappointed to see cracks in his demeanor had resealed themselves. Both his knife and half-eaten apple were nowhere in sight. Instead he blankly offered Zuan her own apple.

"Princess Zuan," he said, bowing slightly.

She took the apple from him, body buzzing with lightning for the first time ever as their briefly fingers touched.

And then he was walking away.

Zuan bit into her apple as she watched him go. Juice ran down her chin, smearing her carefully applied make-up. She could have honestly cared less about the next interview.

Re: Rule 63'd Canon Couples [3/3]

Mao/Mai is Calvin Coolidge? Sweet. :D

Re: Rule 63'd Canon Couples [3/3]

Stay Cool with Mai-lidge!

Re: Rule 63'd Canon Couples [3/3]

Mooooore <3

Aw yeah, Zuan with her sailor-mouth. Also, "Bwah". Hee.

Also, hey - nice change with the knives/swords. I would have wondered if Zuan was a broadswordswoman or something else. Neat!

These were just awesome. Thank you sooo very much!

Re: Rule 63'd Canon Couples [3/3]

These were just awesome. Thank you sooo very much!

No prob! These were all fun to write, especially the Zuan/Mao fill.

Originally, I was going to give Zuan a naginata as a joking nod towards the weapon of the fem!Main Character in 'Persona P3P', but the joke with the apples worked best with knives.

Girl!Zuko/Mai, your take on it [1/1]

Returning from her summer sabbatical to Kyoshi Island was a relief to Mai. The tiny southern island felt frigid even at the height of summer, and moreover Ty Lee's cheery company began to grate after the third day, never mind the third month. Mostly, her relief was at seeing Zuan again.

The Firelord received her in court, as was befitting for any senior-level advisor returning from abroad. It's obvious to Mai's eyes -- but perhaps only because of the gap since they've seen one another -- that Zuan's robe drew tighter across her chest because her breasts were swelling in anticipation of the child growing within her. Her suspicion was confirmed later that night when Zuan pinned her to their bedroom wall and filled Mai's hands with her bosom.

It's only once their reunion cools and they lie together in the dark, that the awkwardness comes. Zuan tensed up in her shoulders and calfs, firmed up her jaw; the fight-or-fight instinct that kicked in for any nervous firebender. Mai laced one hand with Zuan's and used her other to stroke the soft swell of her lover's belly.

There was really nothing to say that wasn't stupid or wrong, but something had to be said. So Mai settled for, "Congratulations."

Zuan hummed softly. "Xinyi's happy."

He would be, Mai thought. Fathering the heir to the throne secured Prince-Consort Xinyi great honor for his family, an already distinguished blood with many allies. He was probably sleeping fitfully in his chamber at the other end of the royal family's private wing. "Are you?"

"I am." Zuan shifted against her, pressing as much bare skin against Mai as possible, slipping her hand from Mai's and taking hold of her bare wrist. Mai shivered at this much-missed feeling. She never allowed anyone else to touch the area beneath her wrist launchers. It'd mean she was unarmed. "It's good for the Fire Nation."

So that was a 'no'.

"I'm tired." Zuan laid a hand over her stomach. "It's been growing a lot this past week. Drains me."

"I missed you."

Zuan kissed her cheek. "So did I. It's not the same without you here, Mai."

She deadpanned, "I serve at the pleasure of the Firelord."

Which was true enough. A Firelord had license to conduct themselves however they saw fit, so long as they didn't father any bastards or carry an illegitimate child. Mai, a noblewoman, served as an advisor to the Firelord in a way that hadn't been done since Sozin and his male lovers. Roku's "betrayal" had been enough to do-in the tradition until Zuan revived it. And it worked, keeping them together, so long as Zuan wanted her and Mai didn't marry. Stealing a noble's spouse was a shameful dishonor, even for a Firelord.

Mai didn't fear. She had Zuan. Azula, disgraced, was rotting in an insane asylum for the rest of her life, just like her now-bendingless father would in prison.

Not bad for an ending. It was even a happy one if you squinted.

They lay in silence for a long time, neither able to drift to sleep. Mai watched Zuan stare at the ceiling, tried to recommit the curve of her face to memory. Finally, when Mai began to feel her eyelids leaden, Zuan said, "Uncle never talked about his wife."


"I... guess I just assumed it was because he missed her. And I didn't want to cause him pain. I still can't talk about Mother much." Mai gently ran her fingers through Zuan's long hair. "Spirits, what do I say? How will my child grow up knowing their parents don't love each other?"

"We turned out all right."

"I still remember figuring it out. I couldn't... didn't want to believe it." Zuan's jaw went tight. "What if they hate me? What if they hate you?"

"They won't," she said, shifting to lay her head on the Firelord's chest. Saying it aloud, Mai could almost believe it. "You'll be a good mother, Zuan, and Xinyi is honorable. You wouldn't have married him if he wasn't, politics or not."

"But what if--"

"We'll manage," she promised Zuan. "We always do."

Zuan exhaled. She drew her arms over Mai.

Together, they drifted off to sleep.

Re: Girl!Zuko/Mai, your take on it [1/1]

Iiiiiiiiiiinteresting. Very much so. I like how you alluded to Sozin, about his male lovers, and calling Xinyi "Prince-Consort". Bittersweet, but there's still love there. It's very realistic.

Re: Girl!Zuko/Mai, your take on it [1/1]

I mostly went down this route because I didn't want to copy Ever the Same. You covered the whole terrain of girl!Zuko/Mai in canon and post-canon, so I felt I had to go for something pretty different in my own take.

It came about because I was re-watching The King's Speech yesterday and there's a part where Bertie tells his brother, Edward VIII, referring to the twice-divorced American he wants to marry, "I don't care what woman you carry on with at night, as long as you show up for duty in the morning!" And that idea, of everyone being OK with a monarch carrying on an obvious affair, struck me as interesting.

(Rozin is totally canon.)

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