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Genderswap Prompt Post
I'm experiencing a bit of writer's block on my current trio of projects, so I could use something to get the juices flowing again. So it's time for a fanfic meme...


* Each person can have one-three prompts. I may only pick one out of three given, or do all three. It depends on how they strike me.
* The prompts can range from one word to a whole situation.
* It has to be
genderswap related. What's the point otherwise? Time, place, or situation is all up to you.
* Pretty much anything goes, but if it doesn't, I'll let you know and you can prompt something else.

This post will have ten requester slots, with 9/10 filled. Each prompt will be written in the comments. Once the post is finished, there will be a complete list of each filled prompt in an upcoming post.

Go nuts. 


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Girl!Zuko and Boy!Azula, the royal succession favors males [1/1]

"I know what you're going to say: he's my brother and I should be trying to get along with him."

"No, he's crazy and he needs to go down."

The fight was over. Prince Azu, chained to a grill, sobbed and breathed ice-blue fire in madness. Zuan could only stare at her brother as he raged out of control.

It wasn't... him. It couldn't be. Azu was fire and strength and self-control. Always control. If the real Azu could see himself, he'd be disgusted. The princess concentrated on that fact. It didn't help.

"Katara," she rasped, throat sore from the breathing superheated air. "You need to go."


She pushed the other girl off. "I don't... don't want you to see this."

"We should both go," Katara replied. "You need treatment, and you can order the guards to take Azu some-"

"Azu isn't going anywhere."


The princess closed her eyes. She felt so tired. "In the Fire Nation, the chain of succession doesn't let women take the throne--"

"WHAT? Then why did we even come here?!"

"--if any of their immediate male relatives are still alive."

"...No. No! You can't be serious!"

Zuan opened her eyes. Azu was still raging blindly, gasping between sobs for Mother. "Uncle surrendered his claim years ago. Father abdicated when he crowned himself Phoenix King. That leaves Azu or me. I have to do this. I have to, Katara."

"You can't!"

"I was going to, in the fight." Involuntarily, Zuan's hand fell to the raw electrical burn on her abdomen. "How is this any different?"

"Are you trying to convince me or yourself?" When Zuan didn't respond, Katara went on, softer, "This isn't a fight. This is murder."



"I'm sorry."

"Zuan," Katara said slowly, "let me do it."

"No." Tears began to stream down her soot-stained cheeks. "He's my brother."

Katara put a hand to her shoulder, but she didn't walk away.

Zuan stared throw stinging eyes at Azu.

Her brother.

Her baby brother.

* * *

The Fire Sage bellowed, "All hail Fire Lord Zuan!"

Re: Girl!Zuko and Boy!Azula, the royal succession favors males [1/1]

*shivers* Well done.

Re: Girl!Zuko and Boy!Azula, the royal succession favors males [1/1]

Oh. Oh. OHH. This fic so delightfully shiver-indusing and awesome.

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