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Genderswap Prompt Post
I'm experiencing a bit of writer's block on my current trio of projects, so I could use something to get the juices flowing again. So it's time for a fanfic meme...


* Each person can have one-three prompts. I may only pick one out of three given, or do all three. It depends on how they strike me.
* The prompts can range from one word to a whole situation.
* It has to be
genderswap related. What's the point otherwise? Time, place, or situation is all up to you.
* Pretty much anything goes, but if it doesn't, I'll let you know and you can prompt something else.

This post will have ten requester slots, with 9/10 filled. Each prompt will be written in the comments. Once the post is finished, there will be a complete list of each filled prompt in an upcoming post.

Go nuts. 


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Even as a woman, she's manlier than anyone. [1/1]

"Your 'bull' sky-bison is pregnant."

"That's impossible!"

"The test result are conclusive. We ran them three times just to be sure."

"But... how?!"

* * *

"Uncle, have you been putting on weight?"

"Nonsense, Prince Zuko. How could I? I can barely keep down my breakfast most mornings."

* * *

"Awww... who's a snuggly-wruggly?" June rubbed Nyla's snot. "That's right. It's you. So stop being so sad about the Avatar's big beastie, okay? It was just a one-time thing, and you were both sick on perfume fumes."

Like me with Grandpa Creepy.

June shuddered at the memory of that morning after. Well, at least a roll in the hay had never hurt *her*.

Re: Even as a woman, she's manlier than anyone. [1/1]

I died.

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